deep interior cleaning fasttracks car care

For the majority of us, the morning drive to work sets the tone for the remainder of the day almost every single day. We travel for more than an hour on average through pollution, dust, and dense traffic, which wears us out and agitates us. If the interior of our car is dull, dirty, or messy, it can be much more frustrating. Over time, the plastic and wooden interiors of cars tend to deteriorate, dirt and grime build up in various interior areas, and mirrors start to appear cloudy. Even if we always have a piece of cloth on hand to quickly wipe down the inside of the car, it does not maintain a fresh and clean appearance for very long. However, thanks to Fasttracks Car Care’s Deep Interior Treatment, you can now relax knowing that the interior of your car will be immaculately clean and the furniture unharmed.

  • Complete interior cleaning including seats, roof, floor and side panels using premium foam based product
  • Dashboard dressing
  • Cleaning and polish of interior plastic parts
  • Glass cleaning


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